Darrington Fire District 24 is comprised of two fire stations. The district’s service area is approximately 36 square miles with an estimated population of over 3,500 residents that increases seasonally. The service area includes the Town of Darrington, Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, Snohomish County Fire District 24, and Skagit County Fire District 24.

Darrington Fire District 24 is committed to ensure that when the need arises, our personnel are trained, dedicated, and professional with well-resourced apparatus equipped with lifesaving equipment. In 2017, Darrington Fire District 24 responded to 625 incidents, our busiest year yet! Like most fire departments that provide EMS, most of our calls were medical emergencies.


The most visible and valued services provided by Darrington Fire District 24 is our response to and control of all-hazard emergency events that affect the citizens in the area in which we serve. Darrington Fire District 24 provides a variety of emergency services including:


  • Fire Suppression

  • BLS Emergency Medical Services and Transport

  • Swift Water/Technical Rescue

  • Hazardous Materials Response

  • Public Information and Education


Approximately 23 volunteer firefighters make up the core of the Department. 14 of our volunteers are Washington State certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The volunteer core is supplemented by the following:

  • Part-time Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chief

  • Career Deputy Chief

  • Firefighter/EMT/Chaplain shared with Chaplain Agency

  • Non-uniformed District Secretary


Darrington Fire District 24 is governed by a board of five commissioners elected to serve six-year terms. These community members are responsible for defining the fire district’s long-term vision and for adopting the budget and policies to be implemented by the leadership team.

Darrington Fire District 24 Commissioners also actively participate in state and county associations to address issues that affect fire and emergency services.

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