Darrington Fire District 24 believes in building relationships that we find are mutually beneficial to Darrington and our partners. We foster strong partnerships to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide added value to our customers (tax payers) through cost sharing and reducing redundancy.

  • Capitalize on opportunities to work closer with our neighboring agencies.

  • Operate the organization through effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Provide opportunities for our staff and volunteers to participate in regional efforts.

Listed below are some of the partnerships that we currently enjoy:

Darrington Fire District 24 uses positive partnerships to further our goal of staffing the fire district in such a way that is both cost effective as well as beneficial to the region. 

We collaboratively staff our agency through the following partnerships:

​We share our Administrative Captain and District Secretary with the Northwest Washington Incident Management Team to provide administrative and operational oversight to the NWIMT. This allows us to share the costs of these personnel while still receiving the benefits of an expanded staffing model that we wouldn't normally be unable to financially support on our own.

We also partner with the non-profit Hope Unlimited and Northwest Incident Support Services (Chaplain Program) in providing office space and transportation to the Executive Director/Lead Chaplain for our region. The Executive Director is also a certified Firefighter/EMT who responds on emergency calls for Darrington Fire while performing his normal duties for NWIS.



As with many industries, Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Service providers are not immune to the increasing reliance on technology systems to facilitate their success. 

Darrington Fire District 24 has a robust computer technology platform that we have shared with our neighbors.

Currently, several neighboring agencies have become to rely on our staff and systems to support their technology needs. These partnerships are designed to be cost-sharing/savings initiatives to further meet our staffing needs and their technology needs.

We currently partner with the following agencies to share and support technology platforms: