Darrington Fire District 24 is governed by a five-member board of elected fire district commissioners. The commissioners are responsible for the adoption of policy and the budget for the District. The commissioners set the strategy of the organization.

The District is managed by a leadership team of officers and program coordinators. The leadership team is responsible for the implementation and execution of the strategy and policy set by commission. The leadership team also manages the day-today operations of the fire district.


Dennis Fenstermaker

District Fire Chief

Chief Fenstermaker has volunteered with the district since 1997. He has served as the fire chief since 2006. As the Fire Chief, Dennis is responsible for the overall operational and administrative functions of the agency. He leads the District's Leadership Team.

Chief Fenstermaker actively participates on regional and county-wide efforts such as the Snohomish County Fire Chiefs Association, Snohomish County EMS Council, North Snohomish County Fire Chiefs, and the Stillaguamish Water Rescue Team.

Chief Fenstermaker has been instrumental to the development of our regional water rescue team and other specialty teams throughout the state.

Drew Bono

Deputy Fire Chief - Operations

Chief Bono started with Darrington Fire in 2016. Beginning in 2017, his position and salary has been shared with the Northwest Washington Incident Management Team. Through this cost-sharing initiative, it has allowed both agencies to share paid staff without costing the full amount to each.

Drew is responsible for managing many of the day-to-day operational functions of both the fire district, and the NWIMT. He also coordinates our technology services program which serves Darrington Fire, along with several other agencies in our area.

Chief Bono has served on several boards and committees. He is currently Board Chairman of the Darrington Internet Users Association (DIUA). He is also currently a board member of the nationally recognized All-Hazards Incident Management Team Association (AHIMTA) and Darrington Strong.

Jeff McClelland

Deputy Fire Chief - Medical Services

Chief McClelland has volunteered with along with his wife, Jan, since 2007. He has held the roles of District Safety Officer, Medical Services Officer, and Captain. Jeff was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief in 2017. 

As the Deputy Chief of Community Risk Reduction. Chief McClelland is responsible for helping our community with preparedness and prevention of emergency situations. Jeff oversees areas including community education, pre-incident planning, CPR, and first aid training. 

Chief McClelland also spearheads the district's grant procurement efforts. He has been successful at receiving several substantial grants and donations, to include grants for new apparatus, facility remodels, and more.

Deputy Chief McClelland is a Washington State Certified EMT, IFSAC Firefighter II, Certified Swift Water Rescue Technician, EVIP Driving Instructor, and Continued EMS Training Instructor.

Joel Johnson

Captain - Training/Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Captain Johnson started with Darrington Fire District 24 in 2016 as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT. Beginning in 2020, he was hired to a shared, full-time position with Snohomish County District 25/Oso Fire Department. This position is provided through a federal SAFER Grant. This grant allows both agencies to share a paid staff position without incurring much cost.

Joel is responsible for the training, recruitment, and retention of volunteers for Districts 24/25. He helps with making sure that all of our personnel have the resources they need to be safe and successful as they serve the community.

Joel also serves as the Executive Director for our area chaplain and support organization, Northwest Incident Support. NWIS provides services for 13 different first responder departments in Island, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties.

Jan McClelland


Lt. McClelland has volunteered with along with her husband, Jeff, since 2007. Jan is responsible for logistics and equipment.

Lieutenant McClelland works with our membership to ensure the success of each individual by equipping with the tools and equipment they need. This results in overall team success. She responds out of the Whitehorse Station 38.

Lt. McClelland is a Washington State Certified EMT, IFSAC Firefighter I, IFSAC Hazardous Materials Operations, and Certified Swift Water Rescue Technician.

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