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Snohomish County Fire Protection District No. 24 is a municipal corporation of the State of Washington that protects life and property and provides fire protection and emergency medical services to its citizens. This site is intended to serve as a mechanism for communication between the public and the District on the listed topics related to the District’s purpose of providing fire protection services, emergency medical services and protecting life and property. The opinions expressed by visitors to this site do not reflect the opinions of the District. Any comments submitted to this site and any lists of users or links are public records subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56. Users recognize that there is no expectation of privacy in the use of the District’s website and users are cautioned to never disclose private or confidential information on this site. Communications made on this site do not constitute official notice to the District or any District personnel.  Public Record requests may not be made directly on this site and must be submitted directly to the District’s Public Record Officer consistent with the District’s Public Record Policy.

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