Over the summer, our crews have practiced to maintain proficiency in rural water supply operations. We now announce that we have achieved earning our “Water Tender Credit” through the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB).

Individual homes and businesses may receive an improvement in their insurance rating since some insurance companies view fire departments with a tender credit as a better level of protection, which in turn, reduces risk in a community.


A tender credit is applied to fire departments who prove the ability to flow large volumes of water for an extended period of time in an area where fire hydrants are not available. This is done through an independent onsite evaluation of our training and operations by the independent insurance auditor. By being awarded a tender credit, there is an opportunity for many home owners and renters in the rural/non-hydrant areas to see a possible improvement in what it costs for home/rental insurance premiums.

In addition to the insurance rating improvement, this shows that we are continually working to provide the best level of service that we can, even in our rural environment. Our goal is to offer some return on investment to our tax payers.

This accomplishment is due to the continual efforts of our outstanding volunteers and staff. This was an “all-hands on deck” process. Crews have spent almost every week over the spring and summer rigorously training to prepare for this test. We are so proud of our folks to making this happen.

To calculate your individual protection class rating, see the graphics on the right.

The documents located below may be reviewed for more information. You may also want to print these documents to provide to your insurance.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback on whether or not you received a reduction in insurance costs, please call 360-913-5003.

So, what is my protection class now?

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Applicable responding fire stations include:

Click on the fire station location above to calculate your distance.

Remember, the lower the PC rating, the better.

Less than 1000 feet.

Fire Hydrant

Less than 5 miles.

Fire Station

5 to 7 miles.

Fire Station

7+ miles

Fire Station

WAS: 6
NOW: 5

Your Property

NOW: 7

Your Property

NOW: 9

Your Property

WAS: 10
NOW: 10

Your Property

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