We welcome the opportunity to give fire station tours and visit classrooms to help you learn more about your fire department, how your firefighters serve your community and ways you can keep your family safe.


Station Tours are available at Headquarters Station 39 in Darrington during business hours (9AM to 4PM).

Classroom visits are available by appointment. Call the administrative offices during business hours to schedule a visit!


Our Firefighters will work with you to make your visit to fun and educational. Firefighters can focus on safety, prevention, or another topic during the tour. Our goal is to provide meaningful, educational tours and information about safety and the role of firefighters in the community.


Request Guidelines:


Please submit your tour request 10 business days in advance. This will allow us to prepare shift schedules accordingly.

While firefighters enjoy providing tours and classroom visits, our first priority is providing quality, timely and professional emergency services. Firefighters are in service during tours and classroom visits, and may be called away to respond to emergency calls. If this occurs, we will work with you to reschedule.

Remember, firefighters work in an industrial environment.


Please call the administrative offices during business hours to schedule a visit!

Call 360-436-1338 or email

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