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Darrington Fire District 24 operates out of two fire stations strategically located within the fire district response are to maximize response capability while minimizing response times.


Fire Station 39 is located in downtown Darrington and serves both as an operating fire station, as well as our fire district administrative headquarters, and the Darrington Sheriff's substation. The facility is owned by the Town of Darrington and is under a long-term lease to the fire district and Sheriff's Office.

The following units respond from this fire station:

  • Two Type-1 Engines (Engine 39, Engine 39A)

  • One Type-1 3000 gallon Water Tender (Tender 39)

  • Two BLS Ambulances (Aid 39, Aid 39A)

  • One Brush Engine (Brush 39)

  • One Rescue Squad (Squad 39)

  • One John Deere Medical/Rescue Gator (ATV-39)

  • One Jet Boat for river/water rescues (Boat 39)

  • Two Command Units (Chief 39, Battalion 39)

Station 39 is staffed with a duty crew seven days a week during daytime hours supplemented by volunteers. At night, this station is staffed solely by volunteers.

Facility location:

1115 Seeman Street

Darrington, WA 98241


Fire Station 38 is located in the Whitehorse community and serves the unincorporated areas west of Darrington. This station is also dispatched on all other in-agency calls, including those that Station 39 responds to. 

The following units respond from this fire station:

  • One Type-1 Engines (Engine 38)

  • One Type-2 1500 gallon Water Tender (Tender 38)

  • Two BLS Ambulances (Aid 39, Aid 38A)

  • One Hovercraft (Hovercraft 38)

Station 38 is staffed with a dedicated respond-from-home volunteers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Facility Location:

30020 Swede Haven Road

Arlington, WA 98223

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